Weights and Measures

Sealer of Weights & Measures

The Sealer of Weights & Measures is responsible for inspecting all devices used to sell products or goods by weight or measure. This includes fuel pumps (mainly those dispensing gasoline & heating oil), scales, and taxi meters.

The Sealer has state certified weights and fuel testing devices for use in carrying out these inspections. The Sealer is certified by the state as qualified to perform the inspections.

If an inspection indicates an error in a device, the Sealer will correct it by adjustment if possible. If not, the device will be marked with a tag labeled "Not Sealed," and is to be taken out of use by the vendor until it has been repaired, and reinspected by the Sealer.

Citizens may inform the Sealer if they believe a retail measuring device located in Orange is not working properly. The complainant must provide their name and telephone number (which will not be given to the vendor, unless it is necessary to provide reimbursement), and the specific device in question (at a gas station, which pump number and which grade of fuel); no anonymous complaints will be dealt with.

The Sealer is also charged with enforcing regulations involving the sale of cordwood. This includes the fact that the term "cord," as a specific measure of an amount of wood (without also being spelled out, as in "4' x 4' x 8'" or "144 cubic feet"), is not legal for use in Massachusetts. Sellers of cordwood must provide a receipt to the buyer stating their name and address, the date, the amount delivered, and the price. The Sealer will investigate claims of short delivery, but only if the wood is stacked so that it can be easily measured.

The Sealer's does not hold an office in the Town and there are no regular office hours. Devices are usually inspected by the Sealer visiting the places of business housing them.

  1. Steve Hirons

    Sealer of Weights and Measures