Transfer Station Rules

Town of Orange Recycling Center/Transfer Station Rules

By purchasing your permit, you are agreeing to the following:
1. Permit MUST be visible in the lower left-hand corner of your windshield for entry and usage of the facility. Each permit is only valid to the individual vehicle it was registered to at time of purchase. Vehicles with no permit or with a permit that’s not registered to that vehicle will be made to purchase a permit or MUST leave.
2. The permit holder is responsible for all activity of materials and people who enter the facility in their vehicle.
3. This is a recycling center and you MUST recycle. You are responsible for confirming proper recycling of your materials as explained on signs in the building and with the included guide in your permit packet. Any recyclables in your trash bag may be rejected and the bag sent home with you to properly sort. Any trash found in your recycling will be rejected and require a Town of Orange trash bag for disposal.
4. All trash MUST be in the Town of Orange trash bag. Then tied, taped or otherwise sealed before being placed into the trash truck (unless directed otherwise by attendant at each visit to the facility). Trash bags are based on a 40lb limit, excessively heavy bags may be rejected or require an additional bag for disposal.
5. You MUST speak with attendant for any and all items that require a fee before unloading anything. (Items with a fee are noted on the map on the back of this page and on the price sheet)
6. Follow all attendant instructions and posted signs. Do not threaten, yell or swear at any attendants or other residents.
7. Do not place/leave items anywhere other than where instructed and when instructed.
8. Maintain a speed limit no greater than 5MPH while on premises and STOP at all stop signs.
9. Park only in designated spaces and when possible pull to forward spot. WAIT at corner of building until a space is available.

Failure to follow these rules can result in loss of permit. Leaving items that require a fee without paying is Illegal dumping and can result in prosecution.