Board of Selectmen

Meeting Information


  • Thomas Smith - Chairman
  • Andrew Smith - Vice Chairman
  • Patricia Lussier - Clerk
  • Jane Peirce - Member
  • Richard Sheridan - Member


The Board of Selectmen's Office handles the permitting and licensing for the following:

  • Liquor Licenses
  • One-Day Liquor Licenses
  • Common Victualer's'
  • Auto Class I,II,II
  • Automatic Amusement
  • Sunday Entertainment
  • Solicitors

Applications for these are done at our online permitting system.

For application assistance, please call the Help Desk at 866-957-3764.

Mission Statement

To focus every day on enriching the lives of our citizens by creating an exceptional environment and providing exemplary services that enable our community to thrive and prosper.

To achieve our mission, we will uphold the following values:

  • Our organization exists to serve our citizens. We will be open, credible, ensure access, encourage involvement and be accountable to our citizens.
  • Employees are our most important and expensive resource. Investing in our employees is investing in our Community.
  • We will be honest, ethical and diligent. Our actions will comply with local, state and federal laws.
  • We will treat everyone with dignity, respect and fairness.
  • We will achieve the best results through effective teamwork, strategic partnerships and community participation.
  • We will provide outstanding customer service that is polite, friendly and responsive.
  • We will value creative thinking and innovation. We will strive to be recognized for excellence.
  • We will value growth that balances desired service levels, economic benefits and continued stability for our Community.
  • We are committed to proactive, comprehensive planning to guide the future of our Community.
  • We are fiscally conservative. We will spend public funds prudently, responsibly and effectively to ensure the Community's short and long term financial security and viability.