The Treasurer serves as the Town's cash manager. In this role, the Treasurer receives all revenue from all departments and outside sources - such as receipts from local, state and federal sources - maintains all bank accounts and records of the Town's cash position. Reconciliation of cash is done internally and with the Town Accountant on a monthly basis. The Treasurer is responsible for the investment and disbursement of funds and overseeing the Town's cashflow. The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for employee's payroll and withholdings. Bills for town expenses are paid by this office after approval by department heads, the Town Accountant, and the Board of Selectmen. 

The Treasurer is legally authorized by Town Meeting to borrow funds on behalf of the Town for purposes deemed legal under Massachusetts General Law 44:7 and 44:8 or by other legislation. The Treasurer is responsible for initiating temporary and permanent borrowing, facilitates and manages municipal borrowings working with Bond Counsel, the Department of Revenue and the Town's Fiscal Advisor. 

The Treasurer is also responsible for the collection of tax title accounts, has the authority to auction tax title property for redemption of back taxes and investing funds while performing other statutory functions as required by the Massachusetts general laws. 

For information regarding real estate, personal, and motor vehicle excise taxes or water and sewer charges, please visit: Collector

For employees seeking to discuss benefits, payroll, paid time off, or retirement, please visit: Human Resources

For information regarding the Town budget, expenses, revenue or audits, please visit: Accountant