PDS 3: West River Street Block

Brown building along the riverfrontOnce again, the industrial heritage of the Orange is reflected in the West River Street Block PDS. These buildings were also once part of the New Home Sewing Company complex, on the south side of the south of the Millers River, including the facilities that harnessed the power of the Millers River.

A hydro-electric facility continues to operate on one of these parcels, and is owned and operated by Mini-Watt Hydroelectric. The largest building in the PDS with nearly 80,000 square feet was a paper mill complex, owned and operated by Erving Industries, Inc. (formerly Erving Paper Mills) for many years. In the 1990s, Erving Industries sold the facility to Innovative Cereal Products, Inc, which has since ceased operations.

At the intersection of South Main Street and West River Street and East River Street are three brick buildings. Past uses of these buildings include manufacturing, a grocery market and most recently retail and storage space used by a local antiques business. Two of the three of these buildings are currently for sale. Similar to the buildings in PDS 2, these large, historic brick mill buildings are predominantly vacant and underutilized. The structures in PDS 3 comprise over 147,000 square feet.

The West River Street Block (PDS 3) includes a total of 6 parcels, totaling 3.5 acres. These are identified in the Assessor's records by the following map and lot numbers: 

  • 10-14
  • 110-15
  • 110-226
  • 110-227
  • 110-228
  • 110-229