PDS 1: Putnam Hall Block

Buildings with cars parked in front of them on the streetPutnam Hall has been identified as a top priority by both the Town and the region. 

On West Main Street, the building has two retail storefronts and an entrance to the three upper floors. According to historic materials it was built in the 1870s and had been known as Odd Fellows Hall, the name of a fraternal organization. The upper floors of the building had been an opera house with retail operations on the first floor. 

In the 1980s, the building was used as a fitness club with the performance space converted into racquetball courts. By 1992, the building had been foreclosed and purchased by a local arts organization. After this arts group disbanded, this prominent downtown building remained vacant and continued to deteriorate over the years. The Town took over ownership of the building through Land Court proceedings in 2002. In addition, the Town has already purchased the adjacent vacant lot to provide downtown parking to support the reuse of the Putnam Hall building and other businesses. 

On the west side of Putnam Hall are two commercial buildings that are underutilized that would benefit from increased economic activity in the downtown. Across the street from Putnam Hall is an underutilized parking area owned by the town Town, and a vacant former gas station that has had its underground storage tanks recently removed.

The Putnam Hall Block (PDS 1) includes a total of 8 parcels, totaling 1.2 acres. These parcels are identified in the Assessor's Records by the following map and lot numbers: 

  • 107-209
  • 107-210
  • 107-211
  • 107-182
  • 107-183
  • 107-184
  • 107-185
  • 107-186