PDS 2: South Main Street Block

Buildings sitting behind a green space with trees and bushesDowntown Orange was once the location of the New Home Sewing Company, a major driver in the industrialization of the town beginning in 1863 until they moved out of Orange in the 1930s. The buildings located in the South Main Street Block (on the west side of the street and north side of the Millers River) were once part of the New Home Sewing Company complex. These structures have been host to other manufacturers in the following decades, including the Riveto Manufacturing Company. Over the last twenty years, the South Main Street Block buildings have been predominantly underutilized.

With over 60,000 square feet, the six buildings included in the South Main Street Block present a tremendous redevelopment opportunity. The current commercial activities in this Block include a copy shop, a café, a pub and retail storefronts. The copy shop is operated by Young Entrepreneurs Society, Inc. The South Main Street Block is at the very heart of downtown Orange, and is located directly across the street from the historic Memorial Park that has the Commonwealth's only statue dedicated to peace. The recent rehabilitation of the bridge that crosses the Millers River links this PDS 2 with the PDS 3.

The South Main Street Block (PDS 2) includes a total of 5 parcels, totaling one acre. These are identified in the Assessor's Records by the following map and lot numbers: 

  • 107-177
  • 107-178
  • 107-179
  • 107-180
  • 110-230.