Orange Housing Plan


The Town of Orange Housing Plan has been finalized and is available at the link below.

Town of Orange Housing Plan

Housing Plan Goals

The goals for Orange’s housing are based on community priorities and the demographic and housing data collected and analyzed for this plan. Orange is a business-friendly community with a vibrant industrial park, airport, and a variety of manufacturing and commercial businesses in town. Orange is striving to revitalize its downtown and maintain a quality public school system, while expecting a shift toward older residents. To this end, housing needs to support all ages and income levels for residents now and into the future, in the following ways. 

  • To encourage a mix of housing densities, ownership patterns, prices, and building types to match the needs of residents and businesses now and in the future.
  • To encourage new housing in areas of town where infrastructure and amenities exists to support housing, while preserving the character of agricultural and forested areas of town. 
  • To engage Orange residents early in affordable housing efforts in order to get input and gain consensus. 
  • To increase the amount of affordable housing in Orange in a way that maintains the community character.

. For more information, please email Community Development Director, Walker Powell