Conservation Commission - Forms

  1. WPA Form 1: Request for Determination of Applicability

  2. WPA Form 3: Notice of Intent

    Revised November 2009 to update payment information for Endangered Species Act filing fees.

  3. Stormwater Report Checklist

    Revised April 2008. This Checklist is a preparation guide for writing the Stormwater Report. Both the Checklist and the Stormwater Report should be submitted with the NOI when a project is subject to the stormwater management provisions of the Wetlands Protection Act.

  4. WPA Form 4: Abbreviated Notice of Intent

    Revised April 2006

  5. WPA Form 4A: Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation

    Form 4A has been revised in accordance with changes in the Wetlands Regulations, 310 CMR 10.00, relative to Simplified Review for Buffer Zones and to stormwater. Revised November 2008.

  6. WPA Form 7: Extension Permit for Order of Conditions (PDF)

    Revised March 2010 (notary acknowledgement deleted)

  7. WPA Form 8A: Request for Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

    Revised July 2004