Found Dog Policies & Procedures

When someone calls the Police Station, the Police Department will give out the Dog Officer pager number 888-479-6806, the Dog Officer telephone number 978-544-5218, and the Dog Officer cell phone number 978-413-7871.

Because the pager is only turned on during normal working hours (Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm), and even when turned on, not all pages come through, this will give a concerned dog owner three ways to contact the Dog Officer and claim a lost dog. ALL pages received are answered as promptly as possible.

Whenever the Dog Officer picks up a loose dog, she will inform the Police and/or Dispatch, so that there will be a description of the dog readily available should someone call reporting a lost dog or inquiring if a dog has been found.

All found dogs are listed on the Orange webpage on They are also scanned for a microchip, by the Dog Officer and a veterinarian. I check with the Town Clerk to see if there is a licensed dog of that description in the vicinity of where the animal was found. Dogs are available for adoption after a mandatory 10-day holding period.