All monetary donations for animal care are deposited into the Orange Dog Officer Donation Account, nicknamed BARK$ FOR BUCK$.

This is a special Town account from which funds may only be drawn to pay for veterinary care and services for stray dogs in Dog Officer custody.

Stray dogs unclaimed after the mandatory ten (10) day hold are given all necessary veterinary care and put up for adoption. This account pays for that vet care.

This account is funded exclusively by donations from the general public and through fundraisers conducted by the Dog Officer. Ideas for fundraisers and volunteer assistance are always welcome!

Donations are much needed and gratefully accepted anytime.

Please make checks payable to: Orange Dog Officer Donation Account

Please mail to: Rosa Calcari - Dog Officer, Town Hall 6 Prospect Street Orange, MA 01364

Also Needed Anytime: Dog food, Dog treats, blankets, sheets, towels, collars, leashes, bowls, crates THANK YOU!