Airport Commission

Mission Statement:

Orange Municipal Airport shall be used for the air transportation of people, goods, and services for the common good of the Town of Orange. The airport shall be improved to enhance its economic benefit to the local economy by fully utilizing its aviation assets and its undeveloped land for the purpose of aviation and non-aviation related commercial and industrial development. Future development at the airport shall be controlled so that it does not adversely affect its primary function and benefit as an air transportation facility. Orange municipal Airport shall serve the general public as a transportation gateway linking the Town of Orange with regional and national business commerce.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Leonard Bedaw Airport Manager (978) 544-8189

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Bernard Member (March 2016)
Cain Blackbird Member (March 2017)
Julie Cole Member (March 2018)
Scott Parker Member (March 2016)
Richard White Member (March 2017)