How do I use the facility?

Orange Recycling Center and Transfer Station MapHere's how to use the facility:

  1. Be a resident/land owner in Orange or have a business with a registered address in town.
  2. Drive to the facility and come into the office to fill out an application and purchase a permit ($35 for a residential permit and $65 for a commercial permit). Permits expire on June 30th of each year regardless of the purchase date.
  3. Purchase Town of Orange trash bags for all of your household trash ($2.50 each).
  4. When you get back to your vehicle please remove any old permits and then attach your new permit to the lower left-hand corner of your windshield (opposite your inspection sticker).
  5. Drive to the parking lot located behind the building, stopping at the corner and waiting for an open spot if none are available. Once you can proceed, pull to the forward most available spot.
  6. Using the map on the back of this letter, you can find where to go for whatever you may have to dispose of. If you have an item that has a required fee or any questions that you can't find a sign to explain the proper disposal or recycling requirements, please ask an attendant to further assist you.

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1. How do I use the facility?
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