Economic Development & Industrial Corp

Board Members

  • Richard Sheridan
  • Mark Wright
  • Gabriele Voelker
  • Liza Melo
  • Karl BittenbenderSolar panels on a building

Mission Statement

To attract new short and long term industrial and commercial development for the Town of Orange in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 121C in an effort to alleviate unemployment and lack of business opportunities for the Town.

Our vision is to grow business, develop housing, create job opportunities, and maximize quality of life for all. We will collaborate with businesses to transition into a modern and thriving community, encouraging interaction among generations, strengthening the community, and fostering engagement with the natural beauty that Orange has to offer.

Businesses and residents can enjoy a diverse transportation network, land and property ready for development, infrastructure and technology to support new business growth, expanding educational opportunities, growing recreational opportunities, social systems that readily support the needs of the local population, rich agricultural opportunities, and a rapidly developing business ecosystem.

More Information

Randal Pond Industrial Park Performance Standards (PDF)

How to Reach Us

  • Phone: 978-809-9335
  • Fax: 978-544-1134

6 Prospect Street
Orange, MA 01364Brown buildings