Schedule of Activities

Congregate meal is on Monday,  and Fridays.  Call the day before to reserve your meal. Come early to work on puzzles, etc. Often there is food on a side table to pick up and take home free.

Buddies meals are Tuesday and Thursdays and every third saturday.  Please call two days ahead or stop in and sign up. Please make sure you are signed up as Jeannine needs to know how many to plan for food....

There is also a monthly Buddies meal on the third Saturday of each month at 12:00 with raffles and lots of fun.  Please sign up the week before or call 978-249-4256 for reservations.

Community Breakfast featuring Tracy's famous Pancakes and a variety of egg dishes that change every now and again are three wednesdays a month from 8:30 until 10:30 on Wednesday mornings except for the third wednesday of the month which is Brown bag day ..or if the Wednesday falls the day before a holiday....

 FRTA rides - call the day before to schedule your ride 1-413-774-2262.  Rides are no longer scheduled in Orange.  You must call Greenfield.

Daily – Med rides – call in advance of your appointment – drivers do not get paid, no tips accepted, driver get paid mileage.  1-413-774-2262

Daily – Meals on Wheels – call 978-544-7082 to see if you qualify

2nd Tuesday – Council on Aging meeting  2:00 pm

3rd  Wednesday – Brown Bag – usually ready at 10:30 – can be picked up until 12:00 on this day.

Foot Screening-  8:00-9:45  August 11th...September 8th  October 13th ..November 17th and December 8th.......bring your own towel, with Mindy Powling, licensed nail technnician. Your cost is $8.00

Monday and Wednesday  -10:00-11:45-Couch Potatoes, Movement and Coordination class with Claire..Class will resume in September.

Tuesdays – Quilting, Crocheting, Knitting – 9:00 – 11:30

Thursdays – Rug Braiding – 9:00 – 11:30

Income Taxes – call in December for an appointment

Council on Aging Picnic – tickets can be purchased at the Council on Aging office and are ready in August. All Councils and Seniors are invited – if you need someone to bring you, they also are able to purchase a ticket. Tickets are available now.

Book Swap – free swap just outside the office – bring in books you don’t want or just come in and pick up books – no obligation

Card Stamping-The last Sunday of each month at 1:00  Cost is $5.00 and you make two greeting cards. With Jane Fleck..All are welcome.  Please sign up by the friday before the event by calling Bonnie at 978-544-3235 or go down and sign up on the sign up sheet in the main dining room. This is suspended until October for the summer.

Friends Of the Orange Council on Aging Meeting- Next meeting is Dec. 20, 2016 at 1:00 at the Senior Center..