Meal Site (Daily Lunch Program)

Happy Spring....

Congregate meals are  served Monday  and friday  beginning at 11:30. Call Jeaninne the day before to make your reservation (978-544-7082). Come early to work on puzzles, or just to visit with friends... Often there is food on a side table for you to pickup and take home. Recommended donation is $2.50.

Buddies meals are served on Tuesdays and Thursday at 12:00.  Call or sign up two days in advance. Again, come early to visit with puzzles.and .sometimes we do adult coloring..or a craft of some kind....Recommended donation is $2.50.

Community Breakfast is served every wednesday except for the third wednesday  of the month.  Menu will vary but usually has Blueberry pancakes..with an egg dish of some kind...fruit...Homemade muffins ..juice...and coffee...all you can eat for $5.00. Breakfast is served from 8:30 until 10:30 in the main room at the senior center.